Computational Earth Sciences team of C-DAC is engaged in atmosphere, ocean and environmental modeling and tools development using High Performance Computing technologies. This group conducts research with the use of state of the art global and regional models for the weather and climate prediction. One of the core activities of the group is to use high resolution mesoscale models for weather forecasting applications.

Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) developed by NCAR, NCEP, FSL, AFWA, NRL, OU and FAA, is a next generation mesoscale NWP system designed to serve both the operational forecasting and atmospheric research needs. The details of this model can be obtained here. Advanced Research WRF Model (ARW) is used to simulate weather forecast for 72 hours in real time for the Indian subcontinent. Model is setup with two way interactive two nested domain of 12 and 4 km resolution. The outputs from 4 km domain are presented on this site. The brief descriptions of the experimental design are given below.
WRF Version: 3.7 (From 14 Sep 2015)
Resolution: Two-way Nested domain with 12 km and 4 km resolution (36 vertical levels)
Domain Display in the site: Indian sub-continent with 4 km resolution
Initialization: NCEP GFS 0.5deg data
Forecast Updates: Daily with 00Z initial condition
Forecast Period: 72 hours with hourly interval

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